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What to do in Passau in one day

So, you´ve never heard of Passau until you´ve looked at your travel itinerary and discovered that this is also part of your trip?

Well, I can promise you something (from my own great experience ;-))  – I bet, you will never forget it!

OK, what is there to do?
Start with a stroll along our three rivers – the black Ilz, the brown (sorry, it never has been blue – that was a lie of the composer Johann Strauss, the son) Danube and the green and mighty Inn.
Then lose yourself in many narrow and idyllic alleys, have a bite or a cup of coffee in one of our small and cozy cafes or pubs or discover a great souvenir in one of our still privately owned tiny stores.

Time for culture?
The organ recital at noon in our baroque St. Stephan´s Cathedral is a must!

St. Stephan

St. Stephan

Almost 18000 pipes and 5 parts of one big organ have a sound-output you´ll never forget!
After that, take a look at the staircase of our „Neue Residenz“ (new bishop´s palace)
or visit one of our museums – if you like modern art, there´s the MMK, the glass and crystal museum ( or for the really ancient historians of you, showing the time when the Romans were in Passau, the Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro (don´t worry – even if the web-page is not in English – the exhibition is!).

Das Römermuseum Boiotro von außen

The Roman Museum

Are you in need of a work-out?

Then I´ll recommend a hike up the hill to our old castle (and museum!), the Veste Oberhaus ( or to the restaurant up there with the very same name.

Oh, you´d rather relax?
Why don´t you go on a three-river-cruise and explore the city by ship ( It takes 45 minutes and you´ll discover the city from a totally different point of view!

Hope to see you soon!